RV Dealer Shade Repairs

We work with RV Dealers across the United States and Canada by helping RV dealers repair shades and mini-blinds cords. We are a family owned business dedicated to quality service and customer satisfaction whether local or national. We offer the best service for the money.

RV Dealers Steps To Repair RV Window Shades & Blinds:

  1. Call us at (503) 949-5775

  2. Send in your shades to be repaired (we recommend purchasing insurance & tracking through your selected delivery carrier to avoid potential loss in shipment).
    RV Shade Repair
    683 Delmar Dr N
    Salem, OR 97303

  3. We'll repair them and send them back in the Same Day!

RV Shade Repair specializes in Recreational Vehicle Window Shade Repair of Mini Blinds, Pleated Shades, Day Shades, Night Shades and any other indoor RV Shades needing repair.

Call us today and get those blinds fixed!

All RV Shade Repairs Guaranteed!

"Don't get caught with your shades down"
RV Shade Repair Call (503) 949-5775

Nationwide RV Shade Repair
Mail-In Service Conveniently Located in Salem, Oregon
Same Day Repair & Return

Repairing Indoor RV (Recreational Vehicle) Blinds for RV Dealers & RV Owners Nationwide.